Pony Parties - Serving Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island

Pony Parties Suffolk County, Long Island


We offer three different pony party packages all of which can be customized to fit your event.

WE COME TO YOU - This is when we bring the pony to your party or event with one or two horses or ponies dressed up and shining with the colors of your event/party . There will be one handler for each animal.

YOU COME TO US - This is run the same as the above Pony Party Package, except it is here at the farm! You can rent our gazebo, tables, chairs, even the grill. Enjoy your food and guests!

PARTY HEARTY - This by far will put a smile on your child's face and will be an experience they will never forget! In this Pony Party Package your child and guests will not only ride, they will learn to groom and get to dress up the horses/ponies them selves! We will also play games on horseback, such as Egg on a Spoon, Apple Relay and more. We will also make special horse treats and have a question time, where the kids can ask and learn all about horses and how to care for them.

You will want to bring your camera for some great pony party pictures!